Waikato Herald - 2021-07-23




Jill Nicholas

Savage Road By Chris Hauty, Schuster, $35 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. With ever-increasing cyber attacks at its core no book could be more up-to-the-minute for New Zealand readers than Savage Road? The recent ransomware attack on the Waikato DHB’S computer system and international crashes that spread their tentacles here have highlighted the level of devastation cyber-hacking causes. But the Savage Road of this title isn’t in New Zealand, it’s the headquarters of Cyber Command in Washington DC. Solo operative and double agent Chill’s assignment is to flush out the hackers. Her day job is as a junior White House staffer with a personal hotline to the president; however Mr President isn’t all he seems. He’s a Russian mole and Russia is the prime suspect for instigating the cyberattacks. As the tension builds and World War III is a click of a mouse away, can Chill intercept the hackers in time? Haughty introduced Hayley Chill in his debut thriller Deep State; spin-off Savage Road is even more gripping. Watch the blood pressure: book two is tension central. —


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