Stratford Press - 2021-07-21


Farmer pens poem about Howl of a Protest


South Taranaki farmer Gavin Buckthought was one of the many people to attend Friday’s Howl of a Protest event in Stratford. Frustrated by the policies and regulations being introduced, he was inspired to put pen to paper after the protest, putting his thoughts into poetic form. He has shared his poem with the Stratford Press, saying he wants to let people know how people in the farming industry feel about the situation. THE FARMERS LAMENT by Gavin Buckthought: Labour and the Greens policies are on a course to see the farming sector destroyed. It’s little wonder farmers are protesting, it would be an understatement to say they are annoyed. The Greens state it is a plan of ours to get rid of all the cows, Then we will import all our dairy and beef commodities from overseas From countries that are far more polluted than ours It is a system that is sure to please. That is our goal, After all we are doing a similar thing with coal This has the potential to decimate farming and make us extremely poor, With levels of poverty not experienced before. Not a problem, says Jacinda, we will apply a policy of which Labour is very adept By borrowing more, and plunging the country further into debt


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