Kapiti News - 2021-07-21


Mid-Winter Marketing.


Don’t be afraid to sell a property during the winter months. I believe there is no good or bad time to sell. Motivated buyers will not be put off by bad weather and a big plus for vendors is less competition in the marketplace. What is important is to engage the agent that is capable of negotiating the best possible price for you. Here’s a few simple tips to maximise you’re selling opportunities in winter: Warmth and comfort – during inspection times ensure your home is warm, light and cheerful. Any sign of dampness and generally low room temperatures are a turn off. Keep gardens and lawns tidy. Water blast moss and slippery decked outdoor areas. Ensure access to the front door is easy - no slippery steps or overhanging trees. Cheerful colours used for decorating or soft furnishing, will feel welcoming. Keep positive and rely on your appointed agent to do the rest. If you are interested in a FREE confidential current market analysis for your property, give me a call!


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