Kapiti News - 2021-07-21



What’s On

ACROSS 1 What is the spiral cavity of the internal ear called? (7) 4 Who was a disciple of Socrates and the teacher of Aristotle? (5) 7 What garment is traditionallyworn by women of the Indian subcontinent? (4) 8 What narrow board runs around the base of an internal wall? (8) 10 Who was the only female singer managed by Brian Epstein? (5,5) 12 What saffron-flavoured Spanish dish is made with rice, shellfish, chicken and vegetables? (6) 13 What is the llama’s closest relative? (6) 15 What does the S stand for in BSE? (10) 18 What small spanner is used to undo a screw with a hexagonal socket in the head? (5,3) 19 An auk is a type of what? (4) 20 What is the capital of Vietnam? (5) 21 In sailing ship days, drinking alcohol was permitted when the sun was over the what? (7) DOWN 1 What unit of flow is equal to one cubic foot per second? (5) 2 In which WWII battle did the US fleet turn back Japan’s advance to Port Moresby? (5,3) 3 What type of substance turns litmus paper blue? (6) 4 What strong heavy grating slides down to block a gateway in a fortress? (10) 5 What is a horizontal entrance to a mine called? (4) 6 What thin, stiff, transparent dress fabric is made of silk or a synthetic yarn? (7) 9 Who was condemned by the Vatican when he married Sophia Loren, 22 years his junior? (5,5) 11 What flowering shrub is also called Japanese quince? (8) 12 Which Australian won the 1987 Wimbledon men’s final? (3,4) 14 Alphabetically, who is the last of the Seven Dwarfs? (6) 16 What device connects a computer to a telephone line? (5) 17 What is a narrow valley, especially in Scotland or Ireland? (4)


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