Kapiti News - 2021-07-21




YES – Council should explore ways to have a role in the airport We will start exploring whether the Council could potentially have a role in the airport. As Kapiti Coast Airport is privately owned, any future steps would need the agreement of the airport’s owners and a full consultation with the community about a specific proposal, so this is a first step. THE WHY: The future of the privately-owned Kapiti Coast Airport is uncertain. Of those respondents who answered this question, 73.6 percent said that Council should explore ways to have a role in the airport. The main reason being that the airport is an important asset for Kāpiti. What we will do initially is investigate how various scenarios could work for our district, for example operating the airport under a lease or owning it in partnership. We will also be open to other options that may emerge which would benefit our community. If we identify a viable option, the second step will be to consult with the community on a specific proposal. While we explore the options we will also build and maintain dialogue with the airport owner, iwi and other important stakeholders.


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