Kapiti News - 2021-07-21




Over half (56.1 percent) of respondents to this question indicated support for Council setting up a CCO. Many saw an opportunity for a CCO to play a role in the airport. The main reason respondents gave for not wanting Council to set up a CCO was the belief that CCOs are not the core business of Council. CCOs are used by more than half of New Zealand’s councils. Council made the decision to proceed with establishing a CCO for potential future use because it can be useful to manage services, hold assets and leverage opportunities for delivering major projects. CCOs can also attract funding from sources other than ratepayers and a council-controlled trading organisation can generate a profit from its activities that is returned to the council. Under its governing legislation, a council itself is not allowed to generate a profit. When we asked people if they support Council exploring other ways to generate income, 79.3 percent of those who responded said yes, we should.


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