Kapiti News - 2021-07-21


Safety upgrade


The new controlled pedestrian crossing in Rimu Rd, Paraparaumu has been completed and is now operational, reports Ka¯ piti Coast District Council. “The volume of traffic along Rimu Rd is increasing and, over the last few years, there have been several near-misses and pedestrian injuries at the old zebra crossing,” council infrastructure services general manager Sean Mallon said. “The new controlled intersection will be much safer and will better match the pedestrian flow in the area. It’s also safer and more convenient for people living with a disability. Its flat construction makes a smooth crossing for people in a wheelchair or mobility scooter to navigate, and the time-controlled stopping of traffic provides people who move slowly with sufficient time to get across the road. While some people don’t always like more traffic lights in a town, they are an effective way to control traffic in a safe, orderly and efficient manner. They ensure all modes — that’s vehicles, bicycles as well as pedestrians — get a fair chance to move through an intersection. They increase the amount of traffic an intersection can handle by removing the stop/start flow as pedestrians cross at an uncontrolled zebra crossing and improve safety at busy intersections.” Upgrading the Rimu Rd/ Iver Trask Place intersection is part of the Paraparaumu town centre masterplan to develop Rimu Rd as the main street of Paraparaumu. The new crossing highlights the concept of reorientating the town centre from north/ south along the highway to east/west to protect and promote the view shaft to our taonga, Ka¯ piti Island. “We’re pleased to have completed another piece of the Paraparaumu town centre plan and we thank everyone for their cooperation and patience while we got the job done.”


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